Casement windows are both beautiful and versatile. They are made for easy use and to create and architectural style.

The C40 casement offers a traditional window system to exceed North American standards. With an elegantly contoured sash the window achieves a millwork finish especially when coupled with a wood-grain foil. The C40 is ideal for many application types, climates and has been successfully impact tested for the Florida Building Code.

The design can be customized to give the appearance of larger glass and a thinner sightline. The stylish hinges provided by Tiltco provides multi-directional ventilation and allows easy cleaning from inside the home. Other exclusive features include multi-point locking, galvanized steel reinforcement for safety and dimensional stability. The C40 is energy efficient and will reduce cold drafts to make your living space warmer during colder seasons.

tiltco multipoint locking
tiltco triple seal system
tiltco steel reinforced
tiltco custom colors

Multipoint locking hardware wrapping around the perimeter of the window and door products allow for a evenly distributed locking... Learn more.
Our triple sealing system makes Tiltco windows water resistant and air tight. This allows the window to be a very energy efficient style.
Galvanized steel extrusions inside the frames and sashes not only provide dimensional stability but prevent the frame from distorting... Learn more.
TILTCO offers many various interior and exterior colour finishes in accordance with an individual design requirements. The process ...Learn more

Energy Efficiency
Through multi chambered profile designs and custom tailored glazing packages TILTCO products can be fabricated to meet target u values, SHGC's as well as passive haus, energy... Learn more.

Residential Application
TILTCO's strength lies in its ability to deliver high quality custom made fenestration products on time too single and multi family residential projects. With a variety of profile designs... Learn more.

Security Application
For those seeking forced entry into a building the windows and doors appear as the weak point in the building envelope. With Tiltco products that could not be further from the truth. The basic features of a Tiltco product are the same features that give it supreme security against break-ins... Learn more.

Security Locking
This product line in manufactured with multi-point locking hardware standard... Learn more.

Hurricane Application
As a pioneer in the manufacturing of European window and door products TILTCO was the first to introduce a fully certified hurricane impact product line... Learn more.

Commercial Application
Every Tiltco product is commercially rated for air, water, and structural requirements. This allows the flexibility of use for the client in institutional, offices, care facilities, and high/mid rise buildings... Learn more.

Sounds Transmission Control
The multi chambered profile accompanied with glazing packages are able to achieve sound control qualities to desired levels... Learn more.

Easy Maintenance
Factory finished. Minimum 10 years finish warranty. Only the best quality paints/stains are used. Highest quality materials are used. Fade resistance, rotting, scratches... Learn more.